Our website will feature most successful investors who have proven consistent track of records. Warren Buffett started his investing career early. When his colleagues are partying and spending their parent’s wealth, Warren Buffett is in the search on how he can build his. Influenced by Benjamin Graham, he started practicing his knowledge on investing and became one of the notable personalities in terms of investing. He build his billions already, with his wealth, he became a philanthropist helping a number of organization and foundations.

Don’t Put Your Money On Something You Don’t Understand

He is not a fan of over complex investments. He said that an investor should only invest on something he has full of understanding. Global Development Forum agree with him on this. It’s hard to manage you investment if you don’t have any idea about the industry you invested your money in. You should have strong grasp of the market, otherwise it will surely eat you alive.

Think Long Term

Warren Buffett holds the mentality of long term investing. The first step is find a high quality company where you can invest your money in a long period of time. He understands that as you keep your money in a reputable company, it could earn compounded interest more if you keep you investment and don’t withdraw it early.

Trust Should Be Given Only To Those Who Deserve It

Warren Buffett is known for his frugality. He won’t trust just somebody in giving him advices. He value trust, unlike love, trust should be earned. His experience let him assessed whether a management teams worth his trust. He dissect every details, how the management treat their shareholders. He look to see if they are protecting their shareholders’ interest or is it just all about money. He has good judgement when it comes to giving his trust. And as investors, we should learn that too.

Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket Is Risky But Know When You Have to

Warren Buffett has a diversified porfolio but there was a time when it is not. He emphasized in 1960, that the market didn’t offer good prices for high quality companies at the time. What he did was once he found a great company to invest, he would invest long term and would invest more of his money. He makes his decision based on how the market works and apply different strategies every time.