Health, Wealth, and Happiness — Setting Goals for a Better Life


Goals can change for a lot of reasons. And while many traditionally consider the New Year as a great time for goal-setting and making resolutions for the next twelve months, every day is likewise a good day to do it. With so many possibilities, here are some of the best goals worth adding to your list.

Health and wellness
Your wellbeing plays a key role in everything that you do. One way of making goals or resolutions count is to ensure that you maintain or improve your overall health and wellness. You are far more able to sustain the energy and motivation to accomplish your goals when you continue to enjoy good health.

Financial abundance
Set money goals that will keep you out of debt, grow your savings, and make investments so you can be financially independent.

Continuous learning and self-improvement
Upgrading your skills and learning something new are essential to self-improvement and continual growth. Acquiring a new skill or taking up a new hobby is a goal worth setting at any time. You can step out of your comfort zone by exploring your creativity through artistic pursuits or learn something practical such as cooking or sustainable gardening among others.

Building relationships
A lot of things can take up most of your time. And sometimes it can take its toll on your relationships with loved ones and other people around you. Taking the time to enjoy life more is one of the resolutions that should be high on everyone’s list. It would help to remember that you only get to live once. You can make room for things that will create meaningful memories with those who are important to you.

What To Consider Before Investing


Let’s face it.

Investing can be quite tricky. Before anything else, you need to be willing to lose rather than to continue winning as part of the investing cycle that is called risk. Before anything else, you need to be willing to learn rather than to stop learning as part of the investing cycle that is called strategy. Before anything else, you need to be willing to stop rather than to continue pushing as part of the investing cycle called experience.

That being said, here’s what to consider before investing:

Terms and Conditions, Risk Levels and Confidence Levels

Terms and conditions, as well as risk levels and confidence levels, are probably the cores of investing.

You see, there are terms and conditions in every investment. Just like how they set employment rules in private companies, these terms and conditions are meant to protect both the investor and the investee. However, there are some financial institutions such as those involved in the banking sector and in the trading sector that have different rules when it comes to investing.

As an aspiring big-time investor, it’s your responsibility to check every term and condition being presented to you upon inquiring to avail a certain kind of investment. This will help you figure out if it’s the right one for your needs and preferences or if it’s only for the institution’s needs and preferences. The next steps are up to you as well.

As for the risk levels and confidence levels, here’s the thing: It’s one thing to say that it’s okay for you, but it’s another thing to say that you can do it – especially without learning more about what has been mentioned above. Regardless, there will be risks that might bury you deep in debt or confidences that might bury you deeper in debt.

For this one, you must take time before finalizing your decision. Else, you will lose everything – even your son’s money from the student loan saver.